Marion Rosen`s Vision

Rosenwork does transform people. People get in touch 

With their feelings , especially with the ones they have not expressed in a long time , especially Love .

Then their lives change and their surroundings change .

They have an impact on the people around them .

Wherever they are there is more communication  , more understanding and more acceptance .

My vision is that this will not only happen in their immediate surroundings but it will spread through the world . This is a drop in the effort to change the world .

This force transform hatred into the urgency of never having to hate again .

There is another aspect in this work , when you relax and let your diaphragm work , you get a feeling of trust and often there comes a state of surrender and people say : “ I am at peace now “. In that state you get in touch with something beyond yourself which you can call the universe , a higher power of God .

Marion Rosen , August 11, 1998 

How did Rosenmethod come to Bosnia ?

!982 Marion Rosen came to Sweden to Axelsons Gymnastic institute Hans Axelson was the owner, and started to include the training in 

Rosenmethod at his school .

Annika Minnbergh and Yrsa Kjerrgren started their training to Rosenpractitioners at 1984 and then continued to become teachers , trained by Marion Rosen .. 

In the beginning of the 2000 we had a student Vehbija Peksin in Stockholm, born In  Sarajevo .He escaped from the war at 1995and came to Sweden as a physiotherapist . He was very interested and also fascinated about the gentle power in the Rosenmethod to release muscle tensions and create changes in life .

2005 , when he had completed his training to Rosenpractioner he asked us Yrsa Kjerrgren ,Annika Minnbergh and Lotta Johansson to come to Sarajevo and give  a course in Rosenmethod . We answered with a big YES !

Hans Axelsons was very supportive to make it happen through giving economical support the first year . He also was including the training under his school since we were certified teachers belonging to Axelsons and also being connected to the Rosen Institute , the world organisation for Rosenmethod , certifying students to get a worldwide valid certificate .

The first course was in October 2005 . Three very enthusiastic voluntaries .. 

Branko Nicolic was part in the training during some years , very valuable since he was born in Monte Negro and knew the language . We did not know then that 14 years later the interest has grown and so many people from all the countries in the Balkan area has come to join the training in Rosenmethod , to contribute to a more peaceful life and a more peaceful surrounding .

Our intention in the work is  “to reach people beyond politics, religions and all what could separate us “. In Sweden we created a non profit  organization “ Peace work at Balkan through Rosenmethod “

All the years we have got economical support from generous Rosenstudents and friends all around the world to make it possible to continue the training in  Sarajevo that now includes all the countries around . 

We have not been payed , but our reward has been the result . Who could ever believe that after 14 years people would come to the training from all the former Jugoslavia , coming together , touching each other and creating friendships . 

Marion Rosen was so happy for this work becoming true , her Vision was creating peace .

Now , you have created a legalized Center for Rosenmethod connected toThe Rosen Institute , the worldwide organization for 

Rosenmethod lead by Maud Guetler , Teacher in Rosenmethod and now belonging to the Bosnian team .

Teachers in Rosenmethod in Sarjevo

Annika Minnbergh , Yrsa Kjerrgren och Lotta Johansson 

                   Good Luck in the Future !