“Marion Rosen – “Rosen metoda” “The process of Rosen Method involves creating a space for having feelings and accepting these feelings. When people know themselves and can fully be who they are, an authenticity – an intimate, personal knowledge of oneself – comes through. By touching with receptive, listening hands we create the space for this voice to arise from within patients. From authenticity comes acceptance of themselves and coming to a place of surrender, a place of knowing their true selves. People wrap their lives and beings with distractions, shame, obligations, competition, etc., which get in the way of sensing their true selves. By becoming aware of these wrappings they see how limiting and ultimately unneccesary they are. Freeing the breath to move fully through the body supports this knowledge, and when this happens, transformation becomes possible.” Marion Rosen – “Rosen Method Bodywork”

Rosen method


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